Fusion is the future…

…and today we explore one of the most groundbreaking revolutionaries of creating absolutely uncharted musical hybrids…the Estonia-based goup Northodoxian with their EP of the same name, “Northodoxian”.

Northodoxian fuses orthodox and rock…nothing more to say. Bye.

Even Northodoxian were wondering what kind of result will come out of mixing these two very distinct styles together…but they didn’t stop there, they actually did it…and it’s safe to say that the result of this experiment is an absolute smashing hit.

The EP contains 6 tracks with a runtime just over the 40-minute mark…it’s a musical journey that will take the audiences to uncharted musical and melodic territories…

While the album is not politically charged…the last two songs in the EP were deeply influenced by the war going on between Ukraine and Russia, actually, Gena who was recording the guitar parts, was recording his guitar in Mykolaiv while directly under rocket attacks…

The direction is prog-rock, creating worlds from the music…creating whole new experiences and exploring many emotions in very unique ways…

The idea of ​​”Northodoxian” was inspired from a visit to Kiev years ago, where a friend of the Lauri introduced him to the highest clergyman of Ukrainian Orthodoxy. The priest took him to the closed sanctuaries of the monastery, whose atmosphere of choral music, prayers and devotion to faith left a very deep impression on Lauri.

The amazing musicians that give their awesome musical prowess to Northodoxian are…

Lauri Laubre producer/composer

Bass guitarist Raul Vaigla

Drummer Andrus Lillepea

Guitarist Gennadiy Grimov 

The album keeps true to its original premise of orthodox/rock fusion across all of its 6 tracks…but with so many progressive twists and turns…it feels like a full-fledged novel…the details are mind-blowing…

“Northodoxian”, the EP, explores the heavy and the ambient…

With songs like “Great Litany”…mixing both the ambient and the heavy with some amazing musical surprises (that I don’t want to spoil…but it starts right from the very first second of the song).

…then the EP mixes the emotions up with a song like “In The Dark” that takes us into a heavy iconic riff realm that instantly imprints its mark in our souls.

The songs of the album usually have multiple emotions to convey…and prog rock is the perfect medium for that.

“Northodoxian” is filled with huge guitar riffs, mesmerizing synths and organs, tight bass lines and out-of-this-world orthodox choirs that makes you feel tiny in its presence.

With high levels of musicality and production, “Northodoxian” is an absolute and instant hit.

We wish all the best to Northodoxian and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next…we’re sure it’s going to be smashing.


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