First releases are always extremely unique, tasteful, and full of pent-up energy that needs to be unleashed upon the masses…and it’s almost always a much-needed breath of fresh air…and this is exactly what’s happening with The Urban Complex’s debut EP “Natural Selection”, marking their foray into the world of awesome heaviness.

…let’s just get this out of the way…” Natural Selection” has 4 mind-blowing songs, each one has a unique personal musical charisma…and all of them are highly recommended not for just any heavy-lover out there, but to any fan of music that give huge explosions of energy and power…this is for you.

The Urban Complex is a Scottish / Danish Industrial crossover metal project featuring these awesome musicians…

Kevin Miller (Gatsby, K.I.Miller, Gallus Guys, The Additives)

Kim Olsen (Tommy’s gun club, The Vent)

…and they are based out of North Copenhagen.

“Natural Selection” starts with an extremely powerful song, “In the Shadow’s light”…it’s heavy metal with it’s vocals and its super heavy and huge guitars…but, it’s integrating some flavorsome cyberpunk-ish drums that sound and feel absolutely powerful.

The album raises its energy with the second song even more, with a bit more upbeat-ness with the tempo, “Back of the world” is an even grittier entry within the band’s 4 songs…

…they up their game even further with their third song “Optical dilussion”…an extremely aggressive, upbeat and powerful song with a strong storytelling and instrumental parts that feels like a soundtrack…and has some super thick synth sounds, that’s just sick.

…and on the last of their 4 songs, The Urban Complex decides to incorporate more synth/electro elements, giving a super melodic, genre-bending, hybrid of electro-metal…” Ego Trip” is the epitome of fusing super powerful musical elements together.

“Natural Selection” is a must listen, if you’re a fan of metal, electro, hybrid fusions, and soundtracks…basically, it’s a true melodic and musical trip that needs to be experienced…the album quickly found its way to my heart and to the top of the list of highly recommended albums.

Wishing all the best to The Urban Complex…can’t wait to experience more and more of their stunning music.