After the success of their debut album ‘Toola’ released in 2020, Tarantula Bill is dropping their next EP expected to be released on July 7th this year. The previous album gained the liking of their fans when performed across Denver. Kendon McGehee was the one who wrote, recorded, and produced it with some of his friends from the University of Oklahoma except the drummer who was found on craigslist, yet he fits right in. The band has played in Underground Music Showcase and has opened for Thomas Pridgen (The drummer of The Mars Volta). 

We got a sneak peek at their latest EP “Manchego’s Vices” and it sure is a fresh sound for the band. With Kendon McGehee on guitar and vocals, Kevin Nathan on drums, Joe Lovoi on bass and backup vocals, and their latest edition Daniel O’Connell who has added eccentric guitar tunes to the band’s style. This allowed them to dip into Allman-style soloing which has been exciting, new, and challenging for the band. Their sound is mainly influenced by a mix of psych-rock and indie rock artists and bands like Early Tame Impala, Cream, Mac Demarco, Post Animal, and Vundabar. The 5 track EP builds up gradually with every song, starting with ‘Wasted’, a simple track with a mix of hypnotic, relaxing, and dreamy sounds reflecting an emotion that we all went through and experienced at some point. Moving to ‘On Second Thought’ which depicts a relief of tension by an evolved and a more elaborate drumline with soft instrumental music in the background to take away all the negative, tense emotions that emerged in ‘Wasted’. The third track is ‘In time’ which is about an inner conflict and whether to stay on the right path or fall back on old patterns which are reflected perfectly through the upbeat music and the intensified guitar line with the drums. The storyline goes on and it builds up beautifully till it peaks. This is an EP you don’t want to miss out on. 


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