Louis Emory and The Reckless few based in Troy, US released a heartwarming EP called ‘ Love Italy’, on the 21st of October 2022, a sizzling hot dedication from Louis and his band to Italy. It’s an appreciation letter in the form of 6 songs in the style of Americana. This is Louis’s debut album. It has a lot of Italian references mixed into the distinct Americana sound, with a nice sonic collage of rock music. Louis thinks that music is the way to battle the darkness of the world, by being light with this art form. Louis is the frontman of the band, as well as the singer and songwriter. The rest of the band members consist of both multi Instrumentalists Bob Boyer and Tim Lynch. 

Inspired by the desperate case of the Italian situation during the pandemic among the chaos it caused, Louis decided that it was a need to send out his emotions and deep feelings toward his hometown. After dreaming of visiting it all his life and getting the chance to do so in 2017, he always wished to consider one day that Italy would be his true home forever. 

The overall sound of the EP is emotional, light and mystifying with its magical imagery in the lyrics and amazing storytelling that is really straight from the heart. You can literally imagine Italy with how it looks and feels from Louise’s music. A true masterpiece of dedication, we wish people could always make a tribute in music that is as good as this EP within any range of topics. The soundscapes are mostly Americana countryside style music, with light rock influences and even some country blues.

Basking in the sun is an understatement about this EP. The musical arrangement is rich, dynamic and so not boring. You’ve got a range of styles in Americana that all resonate with the Italian farms,  beautiful nature, and the simplicity and rawness of Italy in general. The album does have a very happy and upbeat tone most of the time. It seems that through the music, Louis wanted to send some light, love, and hope. You’ve got some songs that are made up of slow acoustic guitar displaying a really friendly atmosphere, subtle bass lines that create depth to the song, soft drums, textured yearning electric guitar, and shaking sound effects. 

Some of the other songs are happy upbeat vibes, with somehow cute and light acoustic strums,  orchestra female tune singing, magical violin backing up the music, prominent cymbals, and very strong transitions between the vocals and female orchestra voices. Alongside the string and heart-melting vocals, the songs are mostly steady and smooth in sound and composition. Finally, you also have some spiced-up country blues tones, and electric guitar flirtations in the beat. Get this EP on your spring playlist for some funny feels.