With a unique mix of progressive, math, and post rock, the Luxembourg-based rockers The Cookie Jar Complot dropped their EP Lobster Knife Fight on the 27th of October 2023 digitally and on the 10th of November on vinyl. Let me tell you more about it.

The Cookie Jar Complot kicks off Lobster Knife Fight with Beaver Deceiver, a beautifully progressing piece with enjoyable twists and mood shifts. It moves freely and seamlessly between a highly energetic sound and a deeply emotional one, with full control of the song’s dynamics and carefully crafted melodies in a solid multi-layered structure that smoothly pushes towards a more open sound. Cicadas hits next with a catchy melody and a dramatic big sound, introducing a fast and energetic flow with uplifting dynamic shifts and an interesting guitar/bass conversation showing The Cookie Jar Complot‘s attention to detail and outstanding arrangements. Villabajo offers a classically influenced interlude with top-notch shredding, and guitar hero moments, allowing the listeners a resting moment while setting up for what’s next. Birds are a lie and Tilidin Zidane steers into more complex compositions and detailed structures, while dynamically pushing their sound boundaries further into a bigger, relentlessly progressing sound with an exciting everchanging flow and mesmerizing melodies, parading The Cookie Jar Complot‘s creative writing. Pigeon Slayer smoothly and powerfully builds up with streaming fluid melodies for the hard-hitting, heavy sound of Bats, Bringrs of the Night that hits next with energetic riffing and pounding beats, boosting the EP’s dynamics to the roof with its intense sound shifts and heavy sound and sending the listeners off their seats headbanging. As we reach LLTAOS, Lobster Knife Fight fades away with atmospheric orchestrations and subtle deeply emotional sound before shutting the EP off and leaving the listeners searching for more.

Lobster Knife Fight is a solid EP with detailed multi-layered sound by The Cookie Jar Complot, showing their well-knowledge of their sound and direction as they managed to create a complex evolving sound with changing textures and moods without compromising their progressing sound and atmospheric vibes. Looking forward to more from The Cookie Jar Complot, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!