The trio—Nathan, Andy, and Adam—based in Nottingham, together form Lapels. A band that you can hear if you’re into a blend of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Britpop, and Indie Rock. Also, if you’re a fan of The Beatles and Oasis, you’ll like hearing their retro touch in a futuristic genuine sound.

“Live at Black Barn” is their three-track EP. It was recorded live at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studios, which explains the EP’s title, and produced by Michael Smith. The live, appealing sound will demonstrate how good these guys are and the chemistry between them, and more likely, make you a fan.

The EP starts with a vintage touch in “Back to Beginnings.” Each element of the song is ear-grabbing; they all feel as if they’re singing together, giving some retro vibes of The Beatles. The tuneful vocals entice you to sing along, and the catchy guitar riffs, along with the solid drumming, convey the feeling of attending a gig and make you mesh with the live atmosphere.

“The Time Is Ours” has some jazzy ambiance with its classy piano lines. And once again, the guitar solo instantly captivates the listener with its vibrant drumlines. The vocals here turn from melodic to raspy and saucy to fit the rocky vibes.

The EP ends with “Early Morning Rain,” which is the most dynamic one. Although the lyrics are kind of somber, the rhythms are insanely energetic, keeping one on their toes. The solo part will make you enter a competition to see who will dance faster, you or the guitar strings.

The negative part of this EP is that it ends so fast. Just when you feel you’re enjoying the party, they leave you with no choice but to endlessly repeat it. At first, I settled for a standout element in each song, which was the vocals in “Back to Beginnings,” the guitars in “The Time Is Ours,” and the drums in “Early Morning Rain.” But when I repeated the EP, I changed my mind, as each element is equally impressive, and each single has its own remarkable composition and engaging arrangement with both a retro and contemporary atmosphere.

Lapels has decided to throw you a concert in your room. Grab your loudspeaker to hear “Live at Black Barn” at max volume, your brush to sing along, and your friends to vibe in and dance together.