Heather Gildroy

The Austin-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter 1st Base Runner (Tim Husmann) is back with his 3rd EP “Light Roars” which was out 14th of June, 2022 via his own label and distribution company Souvenir Sound. As a follow-up to 1st Base Runner’s previous releases “Seven Years of Silence” and “Ellis”, he keeps on experimenting with his sound and adding more layers using live drums and bigger sounds on “Light Roars” so, let’s dig deeper into it.

Matt Needle

Opening with “In the Beginning” which has a dark interesting intro and a heavy melody that slowly comes creeping in with the help of some awesome drumming. It elevates into a bigger sound with pounding bass and drums getting more involved with more guitars being introduced to the mix while keeping its old-school gothic vibes. “Pushing Away” comes next with a playful melodic intro that shifts into a darker mood in the verse but it returns with a nice beat and some smoothly arranged synths, and the addition of piano in the outro gives it an unexpected ending. “Dead Wood” opens with a mellow dark guitar melody, it has a sweet fluid combination of melodies with contributions from all instruments all arranged in perfect harmony and neat production. At this point, the EP needed something to shake its dynamics a little bit and that’s when “Give Up the End” came. Its heavy upbeat sound gave the EP’s flow an interesting twist with its smooth groove and mixed fluid melodies. On a side note -from my humble POV- I believe the vocal melody needed more power and intensity. Picking up the upbeat heavy mood comes “Planter”. It is definitely my favorite song off the EP, its mixture of dark moods with hallucinating psych upbeat parts and those intense vocals made it sound like the final product of the sounds and moods he has been experimenting with throughout the EP. 

“Light Roars” is the mix of alternative, gothic, post-rock, and shoegaze that you’ve been waiting for, even if you don’t know it. 1st Base Runner managed to make the best out of his influences, continuing to experiment and set the tone for his own sound. Totally recommended for a chilling moody night, looking forward to more. Cheers!