Mixing their diverse influences with their unique sound and flow, the Munich-based rockers Kesurapan dropped their debut EP Lifeless Shells on the 29th of September 2023. Exploring an emotional side musically and lyrically while keeping their heaviness intact, you are set for a special sonic experience with Lifeless Shells. Let me tell you more about it.

Kesurapan powerfully opened Lifeless Shells with Falling Faster‘s big BASS-driven groovy sound and hypnotizing raw guitars. The vocal melody is extremely fluid and moves smoothly with the song’s twists and turns which kept the energy level always high with its unstoppable groove. Kesurapan‘s use of guitar effects added a unique layer to their sound, with an emotional texture that made those parts really special. The title track Lifeless Shells takes a heavier approach while building upon its predecessor’s groovy sound, and offers a more progressive structure. It has an open, spacious sound with smooth, seamless dynamic shifts that empower its captivating flow. Oblivion comes next ending the EP with some of its best guitar work in an insanely interesting structure. It has a cleverly crafted arrangement with a deeply psychedelic sound and fuzzy overwhelming melodies, all led by dense hard-hitting riffs and powerful expressive vocals that keep the listeners hooked and entertained throughout the song’s movements. 

Lifeless Shells is a solid, brief EP by Kesurapan that shows their detailed writing and well-knowledge of their elements and how to steer them toward their desired sound. I’ll definitely be looking forward to their full-length, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!