Striking a sensitive chord with all of us guitarists, Cormac Liotta has bought a new pedal, and has gotten all of us on the backfoot, trying to keep our wallets in our pockets.

Based in Los Angeles, Cormac Liotta is a musician and producer and he walked down to Sunset Boulevard, bought himself a new pedal, and decided to write a whole EP about it. Ok, when we say EP, we mean that Liotta put down 3 songs that are less than a minute each and published them as an EP for April’s Fools Day, and we are equally delighted and outraged about it.

No, seriously! ‘Olive.’, ‘From Horses, He Falls.’, and ‘New Pedal.’ Are three exquisite pieces of Seattle suburbia rock that feature unforgettable melodies, and some brash, loud, and neat mixes, all showcasing Liotta’s songwriting talent and imaginative sense of humor. We are so happy we got a chance to listen to these ditties but are equally frustrated that they get to end so soon, as the three sketches\ideas are easily deserving of a proper deep dive to be made into longer/more sensical songs.

Perhaps I’m being harsh on I Bought a New Pedal, after all, who decided that good songs need to be of specific length? Maybe we should work on abolishing that rule. But until then I’ll be waiting for Cormac Liotta to work the songs on I Bought a New Pedal into normal-length offerings on his next, non-April’s Fools Day EP.