On the 6th of October, 2023 Swedish headbangers Pressure are unleashing their EP Heroes Will Fall upon the masses. A heavily melodic story with massive riffs and vocals that puts you right in the middle of the final demonic battle, as described by the band

“The land trembles in both fear and anticipation as the two demonic commanders embark on their final battle. With glory, love, companionship, honor, and pride in their hearts they raise the flag one last time to see who will be standing when the smoke settles. The Oath is taken, and in the metal morning, the horde has already taken their final stand. The demon huntress leads the charge across the bridge and the fierce enemy awaits at the bridgehead. Who will prevail? “ 

So brace yourselves, and let’s dig deep into it together. 

Pressure opened Heroes Will Fall with a tribal chant, announcing the arrival of the final battle in Demonic Oath. It’s an open-sounding, extremely powerful tune with big riffs, strong dominating vocals, and an irresistible groove that pushes the dynamics forward, forging an epic start. With a melodic build-up and a calmer yet heavy sound, Demon Warrior hits next. It has a theatrical escalating sound with a solid, relentless progression that flows smoothly towards a dramatic ending. The drum work on this one was very detailed and interesting, skillfully boosting the song’s dynamic shifts while keeping the blasting heavy sound rolling. Pressure had me right from Metal Morning‘s sharp rocking vocals and intense heavy metal sound. It has an ever-changing multi-layered sound with a big moving progression and subtle symphonics that elevate the whole song’s mood and soften its neck-breaking twists and turns that sent me off my seat headbanging. Demon Huntress picks up the heaviness and adds to its texture with raw crunchy riffs and deep slapping bass. It has a relentless flow that powerfully leads the listeners throughout its super catchy sound with diverse riffing styles, vocal deliveries, and surprising sound shifts. My Old Dagger ends Heroes Will Fall‘s epic journey on a high note, offering a big theatrical sound with powerful catchy dynamics and an interesting setup. Pressure‘s performance peaks at this point, introducing their story’s final chapter with big theatricals, expressive vocal delivery, and heavily melodic guitars.

Heroes Will Fall is a solid connected EP by Pressure with well-written and arranged structures that perfectly reflect the songs’ concept, offering a highly energetic sonic experience. I’m always looking forward to more from Pressure, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!