17-years-old Jainil Chokshi is a musician and vocalist from Jupiter, Florida. After performing at neighbourhood gatherings and coffee shops, Chokshi determined that he desired to do more. He began composing his own music at age 15.

“Gyre” is the title of Jainil Chokshi’s latest EP. This project follows the release of three singles and the success of his first EP, “The Walk!” Across all platforms, the EP has amassed over 7,500 streams to date. 

The entirety of the EP was created in Jainil Chokshi’s bedroom in the middle of 2021, where he also wrote the music and recorded it with the help of an old electric piano and guitar. Every track on the EP presents to the listener an aspect of Chokshi’s musical prowess, be it vocals, strings, or keys. 

The EP’s title, “Gyre,” alludes to the EP’s emotional arc, which begins with the upbeat “The Patio,” about friends hanging out and being carefree, and ends with the more ominous “Down the Road,” about a teenager working late into the night and questioning whether or not it’s worth it for his future career. The EP has four songs, the first of which is an instrumental opener that sets the EP’s overall mood of gloom and darkness 

The varied genres and the very concept of music provide the only relief on this otherwise apprehensive and haunted record. Gyre’s “Down The Road” is the EP’s most emphatic track, a heartfelt ballad that uses melody, swing, and introspection to speak to the efficacy of melody and sincerity. Rather than being loud and bombastic, this song is melancholy, with piano, raw vocals, and serenades that harken back to simpler times (reminiscent of acts such as 70s Elton John and Rod Stewart). 

But on “A Spiraling Motion,” Jaimil abandons the syllable-stuffing melancholy of “The Patio” for a smoother, bluesier, more pulsating sound. It’s a testament to his talent and versatility as an artist, swiftly moving from one genre to the next. 

It’s indicative of his skill and adaptability as an artist that he can switch gears so effortlessly between different styles. The light of his genuine creative ability is beginning to shine as his career progresses. Jainil is starting to branch out, listening to music from other genres and incorporating elements from them into his own style. His new EP, “Gyre,” showcases this artistic blossoming and Chokshi’s singular character.