They have been rocking it off from Indianapolis with awesome riffs with their band “Dime Store Hustlers” since they founded it in 2013 creating some nostalgic albums that differ each year with tremendous and superb guitar solo playing in every track they produce, bombing our minds with their creation they have released a great album “Ground & Pound” containing 5 pounding tracks that each track is unique than the last.

The band contains 4 immaculate players Andrew Funke – bass, vocals on Spirit of 76 & Pale

Lady (Ride On), guitar, production, Mike Stilts – guitar, vocals on Last Daylight and

Cocaine & Lighter both Andrew and Mike add awesome in their resonant vocals to their tracks and Erik Fox – drums. They together went all in with their skills in making the tracks that carry fierce, nostalgia and strength.

The Special guests on this album are Jeff Palmer – organ on Pale Lady (Ride On), Breezey Fox – vocals on Rust Belt Anthem, and Zack McTigue – lead guitar on Rust Belt Anthem

To start with the first track “Spirit of 76” is a dope grunge teen track that they dedicated to their friends and family coming from the age of mid-1970s who they mentioned influenced them in their creativity in their music by their style, music, and humor.

“Last Daylight” is about the best days with the people you most miss and life got you out of touch, a heartfelt song that has a broken feel to it. It has a message behind the lyrics that connects you to it easily with the music.

“Pale Lady (Ride On)” fasten your seatbelt! This track starts with a rocking guitar and drums playing that catches your ears and mind with awesome riffs in it, motivating you to go on the road at high speed and awesome vibes.

“Cocaine & Lighter” will get you to hold a Colombian cigar and listen to this piece of track that gets you feeling like a badass gangster who is in trouble. Lush guitar and bass playing in the background will light up your imagination with an action movie like you’re going through right now.

“Rust Belt Anthem” Has a special lush female voice “Breezey Fox” who joined in this piece with her great talented vocals and awesome music. The band added great artists on each track that gave an awesome art in each track in a unique and special way as their previous albums. I love how they make it creative to their listeners and gives you energy and hype you on any road trips if you’re driving alone that will hype up your mind.