Bombastic tunes with engaging arrangements and tight production, Cosmic Ninja’s latest EP is a dynamic power trip of distorted riffs, group howls, and unforgettable hooks.

Cosmic Ninja are a rock band based in Bristol, the United Kingdom. They have been dropping music for a few years and have managed in a short period of time to gain reasonable traction in the British rock music scene. Filth EP is an apt representation of the 4-piece’s sonic trademarks, and how they have managed to secure a place among rock fans in Albion.

The 6-song album is a blast from start to finish. No filler and hardly any frills that are for show only, the six songs on Filth are packed with provocative, musical chord sequences, rich melodies, memorable rhythms and riffs, and a lot of vocal charisma. Cosmic Ninja’s manic sound comes courtesy of the unerring heavy rhythms, made of heavy-handed beats and deep, gratifying basslines, and courtesy of miles upon miles of distorted rhythm guitar riffs. Honestly the rhythm guitars sound so lush and thick that they paint the whole arrangements with their gritty, empowering character.

The EP is also full of novel ideas that mostly make use of syncopation of dropped beats to create trippy moments that kept me hooked throughout the 6 songs. Also, it is an album full of vocal chemistry between the band’s two equally menacing singers. This chemistry can be witnessed in any of the songs, but I want to bring the attention to the starter ‘Manic Insanity’ and its deeply energizing , driving hook, ‘Come Up For Air’, and its almost rap rock vocals, sung in unison between the 2 singers, and the title song’s brooding riffs and very smart use of harmony with the lyrics, and another instance of the two singers perfectly harmonizing with each other, singing in unison.

An album full of interesting rhythms, gratifying harmonies, immersive atmospheres, and engaging vocals, Cosmic Ninja’s Filth is a rewarding listen that kept revealing more layers of instrumental detail with repeated listens. Never overwhelming, the album’s tight production keeps the madness at bay and gives us manageable, fun songs that keep on giving.