Manchester doctor, market trader, surgeon, singer, and songwriter Tim Camrose decided to take us on a musical journey with his latest EP “Empty Roads”, through his rich multi-layered life experience…and we’re thrilled to be part of this journey, witnessing Tim’s amazing talents.

“Empty Roads” is filled with some of the most ear-catching vocal performances, melodies, and excellent lyrical storytelling all conveyed through the 6 track EP.

Leveraging not one, but many musical styles and genres to tell his stories, Tim navigates his way from jazz to pop to rock with masterful transitioning…

Starting the EP with its title track “Empty Roads” takes us on an acoustic/rock/folky road with the inclusion of an excellent sax melodic hook and of course Tim’s brilliant and charismatic vocal performance.

…keeping things fresh and diverse, Tim elegantly maneuvers into an 80s ballad pop song with “I Didn’t Say”…emotionally charged and raw, this song hits hard and hits deep through its melancholic elements.

With “Scared Anymore”, Tim continues to take us through more emotionally charged melodies that focus on his vocal performance along the piano and once again, some excellent use of the sax.

Even going for a powerful rock sound, “Happening Again” once again mixes things up and keeps it fresh…with powerful guitar riffs and drum beats, this one sounds huge!

Tim ends this journey with his song “Back To New York City”…a grand musical exit with the explosive energy of a theatrical performance that has powerful energy and melancholy in the same song…

While Empty Roads looks back on specific moments in Tim’s life, the themes it explores are universal…looking into love, grief, discovery, and home are sure to resonate with anyone, anywhere, and literally at any point in time, this album will touch people’s lives in a very unique and pure musical way.

We wish all the best to the amazing and brilliant Tim Camrose…we can’t wait to hear more stories about life from him and through his musical mind.

“Empty Roads” is a highly recommended listen…actually, what are you doing till now? Go check it out…