Sweden has given the world an infinite amount of excellent music, whether it’s pop, rock, or metal…Sweden got the world covered for great music and iconic melodies…and this time is no different as once again the Swedish metal band “We Are To Blame” obliterates the expectations, releasing their second EP “Duality II”…a much anticipated musical event… and it delivers.

With their unique mix of stunning and soaring female vocals with skull-smashing riffing, amazing beats, and mind-blowing powerful energy…they instantly catch your ear, heart, and soul.

…let’s first get to know the awesome people behind We Are To Blame…

Alice Hartvig – Vocals

Johan Karlsson – Guitars & vocals

Urban Granbacke – Guitars

We Are To Blame fuses epic orchestral elements, absolutely dark and heavy riffs, and powerful drum beats with the contrasting soaring yet vulnerable vocals…and let’s not forget, the melodies are absolutely catchy, it’s just about blasting beats, it’s about the emotions mainly.

Starting out this musical experience, “Duality II” begins with “I Want This To End”…with an instantly hooking clean electric guitar riff, only to be followed up by one of the most heavy and groovy dark riffs you’ll hear this year…soon after the drums goes into berserk mode and the vocals shine in the midst of this musical battlefield…an excellent intro to the experience…so if it’s your first rodeo with We Are To Blame, now you know what they’re all about…

The energy keeps climbing up with “Be Here” and even more with “Into The Fire”…which has some excellent metal screaming vocals that play beautifully in contrast with the angelic female vocals…”Into The Fire” is extremely powerful…the drum has some excellent lines here, with the kick drums getting abused with some awesome double pedal techniques…this song integrates some synth and orchestral elements too.

…We Are To Blame also manages to keep things fresh across the whole 6 tracks of the EP…evident once again with “Fall From Grace”, for the first 30 seconds of the song it’s only vocals and piano and it felt absolutely amazing, very anthemic and I can visualize it being performed on a huge stage and the audience singing along…the songs instantly switches to We Are To Blame’s iconic energy once again and goes wild…

For an album with 6 tracks, We Are To Blame made sure to keep things varied, diverse and always interesting…and they do that till the very end, their last song of the album is an acoustic version of “Be Here”…and what an excellent finale to an excellent musical experience.

This acoustic version of “Be Here” sounds and feels grand, huge and powerful even though it’s just vocals and the piano…but this is one of the heaviest songs on the album, because it touches the soul.

Wishing the band all the best in life and can’t wait to hear more of their unique musicality and stunning riffing game. Simply brilliant.