With decades of songwriting and guitar playing experience up his sleeves, the Texas-based guitarist/songwriter/indie musician Paul Bibbins dropped his EP Disenchantment at a Distance on the 22nd of September 2023. Drawing inspiration from rock n roll’s most iconic sounds, Paul Bibbins offers a guitar-oriented sonic journey with diverse moods and approaches that’ll make all the old-schoolers day. Let me tell you more about it.

Showing off his deep classic influences, Paul Bibbins opened Disenchantment at a Distance with the hugely Hendrix-influenced Bold, Beautiful…and Long Gone! It offers a mellow flow that smoothly takes the listeners on a guitar-dominated journey with really cool licks, and enjoyable bluesy melodies with subtle improvisational vibes that demonstrate his seasoned guitar skills and old-school direction right from the opener. Thrill Walk comes next with burning energy and moving dynamics, the detailed intense guitar solos boosted the mood and created an interesting unexpected flow while the extremely enjoyable jazzy drumming and deep bass kept the groove going, adding a deep moving layer that held the structure all together. The title track Disenchantment at a Distance (in need of a good song) takes us back to Bibbins‘ chilling pace and floating smooth flow, the raw bluesy guitars are strongly present with a remarkable drumline that grabs the listeners’ attention creating an irresistible groovy conversation that keeps the listeners hooked and entertained through the song’s intense shifts. Vista Valley Drift steers towards a beautifully melodic direction that made Paul Bibbins‘ writing and sound diversity shine brighter, its streaming melody and catchy structure got me following him throughout the song’s cleverly crafted twists and turns, producing some top-notch guitar hero work within a well-written and arranged structure that perfectly highlighted Bibbins‘ skills and ended the EP on a high note.

Disenchantment at a Distance is a solid EP with perfect dynamics and a really interesting sound by Paul Bibbins, he managed to introduce and sustain a nostalgic old-school sound while subtly putting his unique signature on it through surprising arrangements, undeniably hooking solos, and eargasmic melodies. I’ll be looking forward to more from Paul Bibbins, keep on rocking my friend. Cheers!