Music is like the sirens who can lure people, and no matter how far one goes, it has a way of drawing them back. With his alter-face Trevena, the musician Will Prince is back after a thirty-five-year hiatus, releasing his EP, “Digital Dust.”

“Digital Dust” is an acoustic guitar-driven three-track EP with an 80’s classic rock influence. It shows that Will Prince’s musicianship isn’t rusty from his long break from the music industry; it’s organic, fresh, and hooking. Each of the three songs is distinctive, with catchy arrangements and interesting topics that demonstrate various aspects of humanity, which makes Trevena’s music engaging as it is sincere and authentic.

“Blind Leading The Blind” kicks off the EP with classic, catchy sound courtesy of the melodic vocals and appealing guitar riffs, forming an intriguing duo. The song is realistic, and the lyrics simulate the reality of mind-washing that occurs in cults and now occurs through social media platforms as a bunch of people try to gain followers by using lost mentalities and manipulating them, and the catchy chorus captures this clearly.

Moving to an energetic, fresh, rocking sound in “Roll The Bones.” It’s not relatable to everyone as its lyrics depict the life of gambling and crap-shooting, yet the lyrics can be interpreted from another perspective, which is taking life risks in general. Among the three tracks, this is the most vibrant one, with its dynamic rock ‘n’ roll sound. It has a peppy atmosphere with its vital, tuneful vocals and snappy composition.

The EP concludes with the tranquil, acoustic track “Looks Like Rain.” The lyrics and vocals, in particular, have a melancholy feel, but the overall effect is peaceful and satisfying. As we heard how Prince’s voice fit the song’s mood, here the vocals are warm, moving, with a sorrowful tune. The guitar chords are mellow, and the drumming is straight-forward, and they both harmonize with the vocals.

I mentioned more than once how the talented singer can change his colors. It’s not difficult to vary your sound but having outstanding vocals that are remarkable and shiftable is the challenge. The vocals stand out in this EP and make one eager to hear more of Trevena’s genuine music.