A sound we thought was lost during the pandemic, but we’re lucky to be back. The International duo Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff are here to remind us of that. The pair, who share an artistic vision, present us with a five-track mourning tale, with a modern look of Punk-Pop, infused with elements of Rap-Rock and Hip-Hop, to establish themselves on the road as one of the most important entrants.

The EP “DEAD SUMMER” is the duo’s first release, and this collaborative work was written between Canada and the United States. As for Dead Hendrix, he hails from Ottawa and has made a name for himself in the local music scene, while Levi Zadoff resides in Los Angeles and has traveled far and wide around the world.

The pair managed to extract explosive and relentless tracks, taking their meaning from the purpose of the album. When they call it “Dead Summer,” what are we waiting for? Their purpose is to divert their feelings about the summer of the past two years, when people lost so many friends and loved ones to the global pandemic. They used their sense of loss and anxiety to inflame their paths.

Using “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better” as the opening track was very appropriate for what they wanted. Its words are straightforward, and the continuous rhythm through daring guitars, lively drums, and poignant tunes leads to meaning.

Continuing through “Alone,” which also includes electronic beats and rhythms that lead you to dance alone. The guitar had a special touch in the background that evokes the sadness and defiance that the lyrics embody.

“Can’t Be God” keeps track of the album’s concept very clearly, as it showcases that both artists accept that they can’t control every aspect of their lives while melodically maintaining a balance between rock and rap.

The journey of the EP continues with the song “Love Game,” which tells of the weakness and struggle of falling on our heads immersed in multiple emotions. And ends hard with “Teenage Dirtbag” and its uplifting pure punk music. Overall, Hendrix and Zadoff surprised us with their ability to use vocals and the flexibility to switch between Rap, Rock, and Pop in a matter of seconds. So we look forward to seeing what’s next for the talented duo.