The latest EP from powerful Alternative Metal guitarist Gia Federico is called “Cosmic Wave”, and she released it under the name of Gia G which is the name she chose for her solo career. A pretty distinctive name for, as you probably thought, a very distinctive record. This is in no way an instrumental version of her Alternative Metal band Devil in The Mist, but rather its own devil of an album with the sweet-tasting offering it points us to.

The first track gives the EP its title and it has the right vibes of being an opener. The melodic playing and shredding throughout this track are complemented by a slapping drumbeat that comes straight from the 80s hard rock scene. I feel like this track requires a denim vest and some hairspray to be in the right mindset while listening to it.

The second track “Reminiscing” lives up to its name pretty well. There’s a folky slapping acoustic guitar in the background of a very melodic electric guitar. The word painting technique is greatly utilized to the point you forget the album has no vocals. For some reason, this track gave me the vibes I got the first time I heard Paradise City by Guns N Roses. You see Ms Gia has so much influence in her playing style from Slash to Steve Vai to her own Alternative metal sound, but the predominant sound here is more on the melodic Classic Rock side of things. I really love these melodies so much.

Clocking at 5:27, the third and longest track Intrical Fusion has the most sophisticated arrangement of the three tracks in this EP. It changes pace and tempo several times and has Gia flaunting her techniques like the virtuoso she truly is. If you’re a fan of progressive rock like myself, you’ll love this track the most. The tide and ebb method of how the track throws riffs at us and then calms down into a slower phrase has got to be one of the most impressive songwriting work I have ever heard.

In conclusion, Gia G has a fingerprint and a distinctive sound. Although it’s recognisable as being the same guitarist and under the same record label, it’s nothing like Devil in The Mist but it’s great in its own style. The way a guitarist can keep her personality while playing a different genre and style speaks volumes about her range of abilities and influences. I love how identifiable yet fresh this EP sounds and I heavily recommend it to old fans of Gia as well classic rock lovers in general.