Daniel Montiero provides us with a dose of melodic alternative rock with a brush of pop song with his unique mix of emotions and sounds through his new EP ‘ Chapter one’, released on the 9th of December from Esteban, Canada. Under his art name ‘ Under Neptune’, this EP is 6 tracks that end a three years journey of hard work to make this compilation come to life! Daniel is from Brazil and has played guitar and keyboard since 13 years old. He is influenced by Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Nirvana. 

You will dive into honest emotions with Daniel’s honest emotions reflected in his words and musical arrangement. There is something so humble about Under Neptune’s sonic attitude. The album is an explosive mix of acoustic guitar and swaying electric guitar solos that jazz up the tracks. The idea of the album seems to be a collection of thoughts over difficult emotional situations, overcoming struggle, and comforting words too. 

The overall sound of the album is a shredder of an emotional and textured rock sound. And yes, It’s dreamy and vulnerable! It’s perfect to jam to or for a freeing long road drive. Most of the soundscapes are mellow yet melancholic soundscapes. The musical arrangements are rich with a lot of prominent drums and cymbals leading most of the beats. There is a lot of variation between acoustic and electric guitar that makes up a lot of the texture, with the occasional piano in the mix. There is also subtle wind instruments sound that make the music very airy. The songs are mostly slow or medium-paced with extremely emotive electric guitar riffs that match the mellow and soft melodies. With the spiraling thoughts in the lyrics, there is an undertone of pain in the music that is not overpowering, giving the positive pop sound room to have a presence, which makes the alternative take of the album a little lighter and heartfelt than expected.  

Give this EP your all because you will not get enough as you plummet through this series of intense feelings