The wrong signals trio based in Manchester, UK released a sweet and turbulent ocean of emotive tones and high-energy alternative pop rock music in the form of a 4 song EP called ‘bye. forever’, on the 17th of March. The trio are influenced by bands such as Weezer and Jimmy eat the world. The band was formed in 2018, after lead singer and guitarist Dave Cross experienced some really hard times that inspired his hardcore songwriting and musical skills to surface, and actually create a band to make his emotions and thoughts come to life. Rob Boardman is the bassist and Mark Shilton is the drummer. With 2 previous EP’s released, the band is confident that they will be able to create a good fan base and increase their set time to more than one hour.

The EP is a collection of honest and genuine reactions to many negative experiences and feelings that one can go through in life. The name of the album and the song names themselves are a ready and obvious portal of emotions that will allow you to expect what you’re going to hear. 

The overall sound of the EP is a high-energy alternative and also punk rock with lots of melancholic undertones contrasting with an upbeat tone. There is a lot of fast melodies and rebellious feels shining from the music. With some garage rock involved in their sound, the musical arrangement is very rich and dynamic with transitions from very fast to fast and sometimes soft, sad tones. There is a hard bassline giving it a badass edge, electric guitar that is sometimes fierce and sometimes friendly and high energy, low key melancholic energy too in some melodies with softer, rounder sounds and tones. You’ve also got some deep and devastating lyrics on a backdrop of friendly punk rock soundscapes with hardcore and passionate electric guitar. Real and emotive vocals and moving storytelling is what you’ll hear from Dave. This EP is just fantastic.