Bodydicers, the British music project, puts in our hands a very special work, Ep “Boss Battles”, with an epic and powerful character.

6 tracks are like a set of explosive bombs, as soon as you take your hand off the play button, the music explodes in your ear and puts you in a whirlpool of industrial effects, leaving you lost in the dark feelings you spread and looking for the end to get out of but you will discover later that your hand is pressing to bring it back again.

“Boss Battles” is a high-level battle that lasts about 22 minutes and ends with solid action, hardened by the paths that take a strong chain-like formation, attracting you towards it and forcing the energy inside you to exit.

“Double Crosser” is a successful opening track that sets the stage for battle, building on the album’s electronic musical foundation and adding electric elements and robotic sounds inspired by the soul of the track. A lyrical performance stolen from the rap style, this track, even with its lows, carries some of the album’s energy.

“k.o” is a first-class expressive and kinetic track, an energetic potion that pushes you to fight with its electronic distortions, “Mars” suddenly takes us to another side of the album, in which the electronic impulses calm down to show the distortions of the electric guitar on a very sharp and breathtaking lyrical sound in a very dark atmosphere.

The track “Massive Ax” continues the album’s journey with a sharp and direct sound that makes you want to lock yourself inside a dark basement where the lights play the role of a drug, and you keep shaking your head to its rhythms for hours until you pass out.

The formative style of the Bodydicers in “Boss Battles” appears to be electronic, but in my opinion hides a rocky and metallic ghost, holding us captive under the influence of the voice of the strong. It is a great find that I would recommend to everyone.