Cagri Raydemir is a multi-potentialities with talents in music and art…and this is how his latest EP came to life…he literally conjured the whole EP…

…here, let me tell you how…

Cagri is based in Munich, Germany…and he released his latest record “Black Or White”, it’s his 18th record. He wrote all the lyrics, music, vocals, instruments, programming, arrangements, mixing & mastering…even the artwork.

Cagri is absolutely an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

“Black Or White” is a 4 track EP that is an absolutely fresh take on alternative rock…but it’s also so much more…it’s cinematic, it’s folkloric, it’s melodic, has some ethnic/middle eastern elements thrown in the mix…

…it’s an absolutely amazing ride…so why don’t we jump in and give it a go?

Starting with the first track “Canary Coal Mine”…the track is gritty, dark, and edgy…the folk guitars are somehow heavy…the riffs are brilliant and the vocals are taking many fresh turns and twists.

Going into the next track “Undeniable Manifestation”…a very cinematic intro with a trumpet…

This track has a unique beat and flows to it…it has a lot of mystery and mystique to it, both musically and flow…completely unpredictable.

With electric guitar riffs and trumpet playing…I’m amazed how well that sounds.

…and let’s not forget the trumpet solo here by the amazing Julian Hesse.

Moving one step further deeper into the EP, we find ourselves at the third track titled “False Certainty”…and we’re instantly hooked and our souls are trapped into the amazing instrumentation and musical composition of this song…

The amazing sounds of the cümbüş are mesmerizing….it’s a Turkish stringed instrument similar to the banjo.

This song has a more middle eastern vibe to it, with the cümbüş and some duff-sounding percussion…and I believe they even put some overdrive on the cümbüş…oh my…the sound is just perfect….the sound of the whole track… and the layered vocal at the end are a great addition.

“Justifiable Hand To Play” is the fourth and last song of the EP…and once again it’s a fresh fusion of different elements, whether it’s musical elements, percussive or just a fusion between different ethnic elements.

With filtered-out drum sounds and some percussion…along with middle eastern musical progression…the guitar riffs kick in and take the track to a higher high.

Cagri Raydemir’s “Black Or White” is an absolutely fresh musical point of view with heavy elements and relaxed ones as well…it’s very cinematic, has a ton of catchy riffs…it’s an exploration of a new uncharted fusion territory, Cagri is melding together different elements and he came out with an absolutely brilliant 4 track EP…I only wish it had more tracks.

Cagri, we wish you all the best in life and can’t wait for your upcoming projects, we fell in love with “Black Or White”.


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