Sets of jazzy complicated tones, or Soul Rock entertaining sounds? Doesn’t matter cause it will always be a fusion of both that makes the record.

The stunning complex tune savvy artist Alex Gage from Toronto, Canada influences rock music with his debut EP titled “Bitch Slap The Day” in a rich form of funky grungy rock.

The 3 track EP begins with mind-intriguing drumming patterns that dance along with playful basslines to dance your rhythmic body to, and of course, the mind-blowing organ that tweaks your ears for how jazzy rocking it sounds.

An electro-Jazz theme sound keeps on consistent throughout the record having multiple switches on the same track between Jazz, Soul, and Rock granting reverb and slowed melodies that alter stunningly with a power-speed melodic tunes containing sweet classic rhythm of soul and funk mixed with rock.

Alex Gage fills up the EP with his soft vocal high notes inspire the soul theme to the EP along with the melodic tunes and the synths that flourishes the EP.

Bitch Slap The Day” is a genius and a mesmerizing record containing complex tunes that entertain your mind with rapid soul music combining inspiring guitars that along the bass form a hard solid outline for the tracks to let them flow heavily of the eluding vocals and synths. Collage of intriguing tunes and smooth soul vocals.

Play the EP and tell us what you think!