British band HWDU based in Swansea released a new alternative rock album called ‘Better you than me’, on the 4th of November. It’s made up of 6 tracks, and is actually a follow-up to the 2021 release ‘Love crime’. HWDU is an independent 4 piece heavy rock band with

Matt Williams for guitar and vocals, Johnny’s Randal for guitar and other vocals, Owen Foote for drums and Gavin Smith for bass.

This is the kind of album you wanna listen to when you’re running or need something to wake you up instead of the usual coffee. The kind of rock being served has an undertone of mellow energy boosters that maybe the stoner grooves taste of the band, with the essential slight aggression of heavy rock. The overall sound is rich in mischievousness and playful rock tunes with upbeat vibes. The punk sensibility element in this music is what makes the fun part of the songs come to light. Most of the songs are fast-paced and adrenaline filled. 

The music falls within the genres of subtle alternative rock smoothness and hard rock intensity and loudness. The soundscapes are fast heavy rock tunes and the musical arrangement is rich and magnetic, with hardcore melodic electric guitar shredding that keeps the same pace with the intense drum sets. Most of the Melodies are created with fun power chords. The transitions are a lot between high and low energy that keeps the music not boring and highly dynamic, yay to that! We must note that we like the sweet sound of the bass guitar when the song goes low intensity. The vocals are interchangeable, with clear and fast storytelling techniques of great rockers. 

We’d like to bring special attention to the last song on the album, “Lotus eater”, that is totally different from the rest with a deep melancholic tune, slow and emotional electric guitar, and the entry definitely reminded us of Metallica’s black album from the 90’s. There is a fun piano tune and a much lighter rock soundscape, a perfect ending to the mischievous stories told. Give this album a listen for a boost in energy and naughtiness!