A melodious alternative rock individual artist “Stephan Caulfield” is creating some beautiful soft rock music from the United Kingdom, releasing a new EP album for the year “Beacon Hill” that was out on the 12th of August, 2022.

“Beacon Hill” has 4 tracks that are significantly released each has a different sound to it, the music is like a lullaby that will get your heart and mind calm while he speaks of a battlefield that got two lovers baring the hurtful distance that can’t get them to meet.

The first track “Beacon Hill” has a dreamy soft start with Stephan’s gentle vocals giving that relaxing effect despite the sad lyrics of the story of those distanced lovers, this piece is beautifully made with full of emotions going on there.

“The Night Came For You” is the 2nd track on this album that starts with a gentle piano playing and some synced and harmonic vocals that are mixed together with the lush guitar, the music gives the night vibes of tranquility that won’t fail your peace with the darkness.

Stephan went in extra by doing an acoustic version for the track “Beacon Hill” which I can’t stop listening to both of them and how beautiful they sound. Also, an instrumental version of the first one has a pleasant melody in my ears. 

The music is perfect for a long version too that will be amazing with a video of some of Stephan’s talent in taking pictures and capturing some perfect moments in this world.

The art of this music Stephan is making is rare to find these days. Admiring his work and listening to his creative mind puts my anxiety into rest.