Alex Lowe

Enjoying the sound and royalty in the presence, the Oasis loaner English band from Oxford Hurricane #1 is back on the scene again after a 15-year hiatus, and going out for the spotlights once again in 2015.

The Brit-pop band releases an EP titled “Autopilot Man” consisting of three bright shining tracks casting hope into the vibes of the record.

Autopilot Man” is the kick-start of the record beginning with a mono simple guitar riff with raw vocals from Alex Lowe.

Comes second, my personal favorite track on the EP titled “Shine On Mr. Harvey” is a mesmerizing, energy-filling, and smile bringer. Definitely a mood changer using joyful chords and melodies, also lyrical optimism was a key to that mood as the track kept saying “It only gets better” which kick out the blue out of you.

 The third track is also a hit ballad that could fit perfectly as a theme track for a brit-TV series, titled “The Reason” having simplified brilliance as a theme and light dramatic lyrics and chords along with vocal melodies that tickle your mind by humming them subconsciously.

Autopilot Man” is a British pop classic, preserving the original sounds of the likes of Oasis and U2 using simple yet catchy tunes and melodies. Hurricane #1 will be Britains #1 in the nearest future and you could tell that just by a 3 track EP. 

Play the EP and tell us what do you think.