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Some people play music for fun…

…others for money and fame…

…and there are others who utilize their musical talents for a purpose, most of all a divine one…

…all the way from Youngtown, USA comes Thurane, an extremely well-established musician who worked on film scores, worked as a solo artist and now performs solo as a worship leader & singer-songwriter.

Finding a purpose for his musical talents, Thurane has dedicated himself to hold the torch and light the way for the people, he might be the wind of change you need to let in your life.

Thurane has worked with several international Christian and secular charities, including the world-famous ‘World Vision’.

He’s now released an EP titled ‘Authentic Worship’, which holds 4 tracks…and it might just be the thing you need.

Starting with the first track “It’s All Good”, which was inspired by Romans 8:28…and with Thurane’s masterful musicianship, he managed to make the core of the message and relay it in a catchy pop rock track of the highest production qualities. It’s an energetic journey that’s full of enlightenment.

…from there we get to the second track of the EP titled “Over and Under”,  which airplays on the KYCC radio network and actually on other global christian radio stations.

This track has more of a pop/country feel to it, less tempo this time around, but still maintaining the insightfulness and carrying the message and delivering it clearly.

Once again, Thurane takes us on an upbeat energetic ride through his music, vocal performance and insightful lyrics with the third track of the EP titled “You Gave Me”.

The energy of this track instantly captures your mind and lets you in on it…makes you want to join the performance…it has a very life-like energy to it.

…and with the fourth track “Worthy”, we’d have reached the last stop of this journey of enlightenment…and it’s such a strong statement that carries the message of the whole EP and it’s such an emotional and heartfelt performance, this one will leave you feeling better because…you’re worthy.

The album was mixed and co-produced by the talented Austin Deptula’s and Vault Mastering’s expertise with additional post-Mastering assistance from Abbey Road Studios

Thurane, you’re making the world a better place and we’re fans of that…we wish you all the best in life and we will be on the lookout for your future projects.


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