Nicoline Verdi Petersen

Todd & Karen’s mini-album of hearty Country bangers comes to us from nowhere other than Kongsberg, Norway. 

Approximately Here For A Bit is the debut EP from the Norwegian-Irish duo, Todd & Karen. Coming packed with 4 songs, a lead single, and 3 previously released singles. The sound of these 4, short-lived songs is unquestionably Country, but there’s a twist. It might be hard to point your fingers at, but there are hints of classic pop to the sound. Mr. Beardsley, and Barbara Barbara Barbara sound like things from a Beatles album, L12 sounds like a Lynyrd Skynyrd number with overgrown banjos. Cosmo Crowd is unique and moving… Country, but not quite. Let’s dig a little deeper.

The light Rock sound of the lead single, L12, is heavily inspired by Country with its abundant banjo riffs, and quick drum shuffles. The fast-paced song is energizing and the sound is compelling, with a catchy, melodic riff, and infectious group vocals. Cosmo Crowd is absolutely sweet. With reaffirming, heartwarming words, and a relatable, simple vocal delivery, this song’s uncommon, emotive chord progressions are given ample space to shine and to provide a rich musical meal. An accessible, gentle song that’s bound to put a smile on your face. As mentioned earlier, Mr. Beardsley has the honky-tonk piano that harkens back to the 50s Rockabilly sounds, with an influence from the groovy, adventurous melodies of The Beatles. Mr. Beardsley is a shamelessly vintage song that wears its influences on its sleeve. Barbara Barbara Barbara has similar vibes, with more adventurous harmonic and rhythmic structures, simple enough, but with a bold, dynamic edge, we have a sound that’s well-aged, beautiful, and cheeky.

Todd & Karen’s debut EP is short but immediately sweet. 4 songs full of characters, rich instrumentation, accessible delivery, and musical intention. Not quite Country, this is a short listen that will be easy to recommend to more than just lovers of Country.