Deathcore act Bringer of Light releases an impressive instrumental EP titled “Anthology II” that acts as a musical playground to ignite the audience’s creative souls and come up with a unique perspective of storytelling that comes from within the audience members themselves…let the metal games begin.

“Anthology II” is made up from 4 metal pillars…4 instrumentals that will rock the world…

Kicking the experience off is the first track “The Ascension of The One”…a heavy banger with riffs-galore…and not just with impressive technique does Bringer of Light wins us over…the melodies and chugging is absolutely mind blowing too.

Moving into the second stop, you’ll be greeted with “Sterling Malory Archer”…if you’re a fan of video game soundtracks, you’ll feel right at home here…especially if you’re a “Doom” fan…epic riffs, unique time signatures and fiery riffs…and those downtuned guitars are brilliant.

“The Towers and the Acolytes” keeps things fresh with a fast and powerful attack…and I absolutely dig the fact that the guitar sound and texture changes, it’s even more aggressive here…and around midway, you’ll find some tasty guitar runs…perfection.

Bringer of Light ends this heavy musical experience with a bang…”Get Over Here” turns the energy knob to 12!

With fast, tight and melodic sections…followed by even faster sections…and that intro to the track is an absolute banger…the drums absolutely sucks us into its world were it reigns supreme.

Bringer of Light introduces new guitar textures, sounds, unique rhythms and epic riffs and makes a concentrated concoction of American Industrial Deathcore into a 4 track EP that delivers beyond the wildest expectations.

Make sure to check Bringer of Light‘s latest EP “Anthology II” right now.

Wishing all the best to Bringer of Light.