Drawing influences from TV, movies, and books, Bringer of Light  – the brainchild of vocalist/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Brad TBOLT – dropped the 4 songs brutal masterpiece Anthology I via Indian River Music Company. And today, we’re gonna dig deep into it together.

Bringer of Light opened Anthology I with a classic shreddy guitar melody before unleashing some raw thick riffs on the intro of 117. His dense riffs, fat basslines, and machinegun drums kept on pushing 117‘s sound into darker areas, keeping me headbanging so hard while the deep guttural vocals enriched its aggressiveness. It even keeps on progressing into a more rough-sounding structure with melodic stops that makes its dynamic shifts hit harder. He kept on the grinding in Saints of Newark, with even heavier, denser riffs, neck-breaking dynamics, and extremely brutal delivery. Saints of Newark has an organic irresistible groove that’s been fed and fueled by crazy pounding drums and nasty riffing, creating an old-school satisfying banger where Bringer of Light is attacking mercilessly with full force. New Blood Headcanon shows Bringer of Light‘s punk influences and how he cleverly incorporates them within his extreme metal approach. Those melodic clean vocal parts created a resting point before the storm of heaviness that comes with the next breakdown, taking the song’s dynamics to a whole new intense level and creating an unstoppable headbanging frenzy! Cocomelon comes next with a vocal delivery that reflects the agony we all go through as our toddlers keep on playing the Cocomelon videos over and over again. Jokes aside, Cocomelon wraps the EP up with a solid changing structure that shows Bringer of Light‘s diverse complex writing skills. Using creeping electronic effects and clean guitar sections alongside his extremely brutal sound in total harmony, and without compromising his relentless heavy flow. Suitable ending for an EP fresh out of the depths of hell. 

Anthology I is an EP that’ll leave every metalhead happy and satisfied. Bringer of Light‘s deep guttural sound, crisp guitars, powerful deep bass, relentless exploding drumming, and old-school production is what every metalhead is looking for, adding to this his tight writing that keeps the listeners hooked and on their feet from the EP’s start till its end and you get a solid release that projects high expectation for his upcoming ones. Will definitely be sharing this among my circle and will be looking forward to more. Keep on rocking Bringer of Light, cheers!