Have you ever felt like you’re adrift? You are clueless about what to do or where to go. You’re searching for something or for someone that could give your life meaning. I highly doubt that there’s a single person that feels stable their whole life, so most likely you get that feeling. Chord Fiction got it too, captured in his EP, “Adrift,” and he’ll share it with us while taking us on a melodic cruise.

Chord Fiction is the brainchild of the Fremont-based singer/songwriter David Salazar. His astonishing EP, “Adrift,” was recently released in July, and it features the guitarist, David Tom. The EP has five singles that sound like a smooth story where all of the singles drop a part of it one after one and built in a coherent manner to set the right atmosphere for you.

“What to Do,” “Nowhere to Go,” “Mighty the Fool,” “Life Is Just a Sea,” and “Kiss the Ground” are the names of the five singles. And once you hear them, you’ll understand how their titles correspond to their themes. The fittingly titled “Adrift” itself serves as a teaser for how the sound you’ll hear will provoke your feelings and stir them.

Sonically, the entire EP is driven by soothing compositions where the mellow, delicate guitar chords stand out. The Folk sound in all the tracks gives a reassuring feel and no matter how the sound differs in them, it will still have the same calming effect on you.

The EP starts off with “What to Do” and ends with “Kiss the Ground,” and both include the verse: 

“And we don’t know

What to do

What to do

With ourselves.”

So, if you’re hearing the EP to get answers through the heartfelt lyrics, I hate to disappoint you, but you won’t find much. However, you’ll feel less lonely, more heard, and end up in a serene ambiance as your adventure is over and you get back from the heart of the sea to the ground.

David Salazar’s vocals are mesmerizing. In “Mighty the Fool,” he sings lines that depict harsh feelings like, “Sitting at the table, my heart feels quite unstable. I’m not sure I’ll be able to talk,” in a quite perky way. He has a velvety, charming voice. In “Life Is Just a Sea,” where he was joined by the vocalist, Emma Varley, who owns silky, sensitive vocals, and they both had a chemistry that makes you feel that all that being adrift is worth it, as when you find the right one to sail with, together you’ll “soar above the skies.”

I enjoyed listening to the EP over and over again and felt relaxed each time. Chord Fiction has an organic sound, and in this industry where a lot of music sounds alike, that’s something! It’s shown that he crafts music with passion and gives care to every little detail.

If you’re tired of feeling lost or alone or even both, take a break, listen to the EP below, and it’ll take you on a fresh adventure, to the sea, the sky, and then back to earth again, but with something changed in you.