Brazilian singer, songwriter, and rocker Tatto Navarro releases his second EP “A Jornada do Herói II”…elevating everything he’s got to a whole new level in every aspect…raising the bar not just for himself, but for the whole rock scene.

This release comes after a bit over a year, making Tatto one of the most proactive artists out there, he’s not taking a break and he’s got a lot of music in him that we’re super excited to check out.

“A Jornada do Herói II” starts with an anthemic bang, “A Foice” sounds and feels huge…it’s also an excellent start to an excellent musical journey of 6 songs…”A Foice” has a lot of anthemic power, big rocking guitar riffs, great drum breaks filled with energy…the song is an amazing expectation setter.

Tatto also does something very interesting, with each song he manages to keep things always fresh…so for example, after his first rocking anthemic song, he takes us on an acoustic ballad titled “Pior Ferida”…with emotionally charged soaring vocals, Tatto touches our hearts right away from the get-go…

…he continues to take us down the amazing ballad direction with “A Cura”…with more energy to its composition, it lifts us up and gives us an energetic and bright musical boost…

It’s obvious that Tatto is going for a very musical and melodic direction…and it’s brilliant, he makes it feel very natural and through his emotional compositions…

Tatto’s modus operandi in “A Jornada do Herói II” is his soaring vocals and smooth emotional acoustic compositions, music that will stick to our minds for weeks to come…and his vocal performance is the cherry on top the proverbial musical cake…”A Jornada do Herói II” is a brilliant musical piece of art that is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys awesome music and soaring vocals.

Wishing Tatto all the best in life, he deserves it…and a bit more.

Looking forward to the amazing artist’s next project, can’t wait.