Alise Albitre

“A & B Sides Vol 1” EP is only two tracks long, and is a collaboration of Everything But The Everything and Adam Brookes in which they bring us a classic sound show that fuses new wave rock with different distinct subgenres, in which you’ll also find mastery of arrangement and intricate depth of layering. Every instrument, creativity to craft a set of catchy melodies that make you nostalgic.

The EP begins with a clear, seemingly never-ending call, “We Want More,” and this line is repeated with the lyrical performance, energizing you so you yearn for everything around you and refuse to accept defeat in any way you want more.

The vocal performance on this track continues to open your mind to more exciting music, transporting you to a wonderful setting where guitars glow and shining synths join the balanced beats of drums, but the bells, bass, and guitar chords make the track faster and more lively. The solos have strong resonance and subtle distortion that brings us back to the pleasant atmosphere of Nirvana.

“Open Your Mind” Track Two is a thrilling piece of Post-punk music that flows with a rock ‘n’ roll feel and sharp distortion. It has an ’80s flavor that will numb your mind, but allow the synth to dominate the track. The chorus doesn’t stray too far from the sound of guitars and as the track progresses it becomes The construction is better and better and the chorus follows the natural rhythm that is expertly tuned, like the words that speak of opening your mind to life’s experiences.

The two tracks complement each other, leave the EP with a unique concept, and give the project the right character with a blend of the past and future. Everything But The Everything and Adam Brookes have gone a long way to finding this new, psychedelic sound.

“A & B Sides Vol 1” is for those who love well-produced dance music with stunning lyrics that speak of change and revolution, and an Auckland-made musical experience that exceptionally delights you. Listen to her.


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