Ricky Jamaraz, a one-man band from Nottingham, is here to accompany your nights with the emotionally and musically rich EP “2am Jams.” 

The four-track EP was entirely self-written, sung, recorded, and produced by Ricky Jamaraz. We need to keep an eye on this rising star because he will soon begin to shine. His diverse compositions, vocal range, and lyrical topics leave you feeling a spectrum of emotions, a light-hearted aura, and sore legs from dancing.

“2am Jams” capture the late sleepless minds when one’s mind repels against them and starts going all over the place. Ricky’s job here is to make you feel less lonely at this time and to shake it all out with his blended sound.

The fresh, up-to-date four tracks’ execution have a retro rock vibe that feels like you’re listening to a 90’s mixtape that Ricky stayed up all night to make just for you with his one-of-a-kind sonic artistry and close-to-the-heart sensations. By mashing some pop, punk, and psychedelia into the mix; narrating and singing with a different timbre; and having shimmery and washed-out riffs and dynamic grooves to add a funky touch, each single has its own character and feel.

The ultimate miracle of love is when the person you like also likes you back. The EP’s opener, “Let Me Know,” is a suitable way to confess your feelings to your crush and ask them about theirs. It’s a buoyant, feel-good song that urges one to get hyped up and gather enough courage to declare their love. Its light, upbeat arrangement, and Ricky’s charismatic, heated vocal line make it feel like it’s the thoughts of 2AM in the summer, where there is still a fresh energy hint left from the sunny morning.

“I Miss You” is where I felt the vibe of a customized mixtape the most. Yes, it’s more of an answering machine voice message, but the punky composition and hypnotic singing, along with the passionate narrating, are what offer this vibe. This would be the first time I heard a kind of rhymed punk poem. It has a heartbreaking tone that is colored with energetic instrumentation, which makes you feel the longing even if there’s no one in mind.

Moving to a psychedelic atmosphere with the anthemic track, “Mariokry.” This one would be highly relevant to every overthinker who stays up all night, having hundreds of thoughts and memories swirling around their heads. Catchy grooves join the thoughts in swirling, but this time, to ease the darkness of the night and get the listener up on their feet and goofily dancing with the rhythms. While the lyrics and vocals take a blue direction, the music penetrates the gloomy mood and lets it be light.

The EP closes with the poetic ballad “Romanticising Autumn,” which has a poignant vocal performance from Ricky. The acoustic melody offers the sentimental lyricism and silky vocals in a soothing manner. It’s the ideal track for the current weather and for ending the EP with a dreamy ambiance, as after dancing alone in the 2AM darkness, there will come a moment when there’s someone to share with you a soulful slow dance and feels like a comfy home.

“These are all those mind-grinding feelings you get at 2am, but in song form.” Says Ricky. So, whenever you feel disarmed while your emotions and thoughts are attacking, play this EP and jam along. It may win the battle for you, or it may peacefully soothe your loss through its dancing fashion.