Newly Formed in Cairo, Expiration of a Young Man released their first music video “Debating with the Devil Whether to Die or Not”. EOYM is introducing a unique and impressive combination which the Egyptian Metal scene really needs, Progressive Post-rock.

From charming guitar tunes wandering between coldness and warmth, Debating with the Devil Whether to Die or Not earns its musical value. I always feel that Post-rock carries different and influential taste; Its calmness enriches the soulless cold morning. It’s depressive sound paints the darkened sleepless nights.

But while watching the music video, I discovered another dimension for EOYM music; they narrate several tales while they not having common ground! But, they are all HUMAN tales.


There is amusing nostalgic mood between those successive home videos. Some of them are for childhood memories, and the other are for spontaneous moments as marriage celebrations or home parties.

Within the beauty of those impressive shots, you can discover the hidden glimpse of life. Life is not that beautiful, it is horrific. Life has darkened shades, demonic blades, devil! Devil who debates you all time, to do or not to do, “to be or not to be?”!

It is really great to see a well-made music video and well-written music shining from Cairo. Actually,I can’t wait for the upcoming stuff of EOYM. Regarding the rate, it is 9/10.