I rarely ever play a track more than three times when it comes to single-track reviews. But this track really is something different.

I saw the album cover and it seemed more professionally drawn than the norm for newer bands, but I thought that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and I started listening to the track.

Now, it starts with a slow bass riff then evolves to something a lot heavier. The track isn’t necessarily heavy but it isn’t something your average pop fan would appreciate. It features heavy downtuned guitars that feature a tone that I heard countless times before, but I can’t really specify the amp. So I’m not exactly impressed since it isn’t a new tone, but they sound great and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. However the music is really great overall.Especially the vocals, a factor that I’m rather picky about.

The mixing of the album is highly professional; I wouldn’t change anything really except increase the volume on the bass drums and make the transition from the slow bass intro to the heavy guitars a bit smoother, but it’s nothing too bad really.

Overall the track is quite impressive and I will definitely listen to the whole album now. You should check it out as well!

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