Musically, I AM IN LOVE. Man, they really improved their music from the last time I listened to them. I love the vocals pretty much more than I did before – psst, I was not a fan of the vocals before. The orchestral (or I don’t know what they call it) is a great addition to the track, I gotta admit, they’re my favorite part. The guitar is so, smooth? If that was a solo or semi solo, I liked it! The drums is just… woah.


Now, to the video part, I always prefer the appearance of the band in a video, not just focused on the story. I love the mixture between the band and the story; it’s enthusiastic. The hair of each member headbanging, though.

On the other side, the video starts with the band playing and then comes a chained man, coated woman, a man with an axe and a coated skeleton (Grim reaper?). To be honest, I have no idea what happens throughout the music video to these characters but the band has the whole spotlight. I kinda love it. The music is enjoyable; the band is better than I could remember.

Written by: Nehal A.Ali
Edited by: NJ Bakr


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