There is no doubt, that Enraged is one of the most successful Metal bands in Egypt and Africa. Enraged managed to attract the audience attention since 2005 with their outstanding riffs and unique sounds. This year, Enraged released their second record entitled Jahr.

Jahr contains 6 tracks. The first one is ‘Mirrors’, – that was released around a 2 months ago – it’s a great start for the album. It carries the positive impression to make you excited to listen to the whole release, you can check our review for ‘Mirror’ here.

The following track is ‘Jahr’, it begins with heavy symphonic way, accompanied with harsh vocals. I will be more honest with this one, when the second track started I thought, “Yeah, it’s good with impressing tones,” until 3:10, for me it was a great turning point. The interlude of the guitar and the clean vocals then how the solo connected both with the usage of guitars. It was excellent. I feel that thepart from 3:10 till 4:55 carries a different taste, though. Another point concerning the second track is how it somehow carries the essence of progressive music.

Moving to the third track ‘Curtains Of Conformity’ starting with a heavy start, I thought the track reflects a kind of a war with the whole parts of its plot. The performance of the vocals was more of a narrative one, the solo is always the climax and reflects that greatly, the drums are the signs of disturbing the universe. ‘Sin’ the fourth track began with an oriental taste. It carries a darkened heavy riffs, as well as addressing the dark chapters of the human.

I really enjoyed listening to ‘The Line’, their fifth track. It might be the best track in this album. ‘The Line’ talks to human. Emotional attractive impressive guitar tunes with catchy effective vocals; once the music began, you were bombarded with feeling all over. The final track, ‘Shell Shock’ was like a mirror for circus or life is as a circus or maybe as a stage like how Shakespeare mentioned in his masterpiece ‘As You Like It’. The track was an angry, rebellious, and sarcastic. I liked when they mixed the traditional music or theme of Circus within the track in exactly the minute 3:12. The high pitched-vocals expressed the hatred and anger through the music. I liked the way Enraged decided to end the album, with some emotional guitar tunes in 5:51.

Jahr is a unique release of our 2015 releases list. It carried the anger, the hatred, the strength and the madness. The riffs carried a meaning of creativity and harmony. The tunes of guitars, the sounds of keys, the beats of drums and the vocals were on fleek, every riff wrote a chapter. The Rate is 9 and I highly recommend it.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: NJ Bakr

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