Drummer/singer/songwriter Jade Moede kickstarted 2023 with the single Enjoy The Ride, released on the 10th of February 2023, Enjoy The Ride was written, performed, and recorded by Jade Moede with mixing collaborations by Ian Kimmel and mastering by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering

Jade Moede opened Enjoy The Ride with raw heavy acoustic strumming, demonstrating his old school, harsh yet melodic sound. He’s spicing his country influences with playful vocal melodies and pounding strumming that boosted Enjoy The Ride’s mood. The diverse vocal deliveries and harmonies shook things off, laying an engaging layer over the song’s flow, as its structure keeps on getting more dynamic as he adds different segments with multiple instruments. Jade Moede uses his skill as a drummer in controlling the song’s pace and energy with his inviting hard groove and unexpected guitar melodies and rhythms.

Enjoy The Ride speaks of Jade Moede‘s vibes and attitude, it’s a raw and authentic tune with an in-your-face sound and really cool writing. He cleverly created a bond between his elements with vocals reflecting the sharp acoustic strumming and beating kick drums, all in a uniquely sounding piece. Looking forward to more from Jade Moede, cheers!