Canadian guitarist/songwriter Mike Milan takes us on a classic guitar hero journey on his single Energy that was out August 12th, 2021. With a big opening sound, Milan gets us directly into the mood with an interesting progressive riff, powerful drumming, and pure classic rock organs that sent me back in time smiling.

Energy‘s upbeat melodic sound and dynamic structure will get you hooked and take your total attention, while Mike Milan is freely shredding keeping his mood and sound intact and in perfect harmony. It keeps on cleverly building up in a well-arranged progression towards a big ending, where it peaks with a fast melodic solo. Mike Milan‘s classic roots and influences are pretty clear in Energy, as a seasoned musician, he skillfully knows how to get influenced while staying genuine, and delivering his own sound and vision, and this can be heard clearly within Energy‘s melodic riff and dynamic twists and turns.

I believe Energy can be a good introduction to Mike Milan’s music, the dude is doing everything in terms of writing and heavily attacking the guitar. It has an enjoyable, interesting structure and flowing melodies that fill every space, speaking a language of its own. Looking forward to more from Mike Milan, keep on rocking. Cheers!