Madi Rae Jones, Danny Vadell, Alex Poole

‘Enemy’ is a beautiful combination of Emo, Hard Rock, Alt-Rock and Melodic Metal. Hints of each genre intertwine in a delicate equilibrium.

The track is the lead single to Xavier Bernazard’s upcoming album “Balloons For My Funeral”. The single is coming out on May 15th.

“It is an alt-rock/queer punk track that speaks about being your own worst enemy. It acknowledges that no one can stop you from reaching your dreams except yourself.” –Xavier Bernazard.

The members behind ‘Enemy’ are Xavier (vocals); Nathan McCord (producer, drums and mixing engineer); Alex Hodge (bass) and Fox DeVaughn (guitar).

The song’s intro sounds like the soundtrack’s main theme from action movies where the main character is getting ready for a big fight.

Xavier’s voice is clear and gentle, making a high contrast against the guitars. When the vocals step in, the guitars and overall melody soften to a more romantic-like Metallic/ Rock like melody.

The Dallas-based artist finds inspiration in other bands like Evanescence, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Linkin Park and Yungblud.

He began writing and performing music when he was 16. He met Nathan shortly after graduating from college in 2019 and were both roommates for about a year. Xavier shared his music with Nathan, and he helped arrange them, record and mix them.

‘Enemy’ is an alluring tune that touches on a sensitive, relatable topic –lack of self-confidence or self-hate, through very emotional sounds. The arrangement takes us back to our teen years when the cry of a guitar was the only way to express and shout out loud bottled emotions.