Sam Godakumbara

After discovering each other on Soundcloud, the Australia-based singer/songwriter StarAV and instrumentalist Kirk decided to team up to produce the alt-rock/indie single “Endless”.

To begin with, the song’s enchantment derives from its carefree simplicity, at two minutes thirty seconds, “Endless” becomes one of these songs where you wish it was longer. The sort you’d listen to on repeat while taking a late-night stroll around the park or along the shore. 

This track is characterized by the hazy tone that defines bedroom/indie music, which is prevalent throughout. The artists stick to the indie/bedroom pop template that has gained popularity in recent years owing to artists like Mac Demarco, with a relaxing guitar, minimalistic lo-fi-esque drum rhythm, and thoughtful lyrics.

The somber lyrics depict the fleeting moments of youthful life, transforming the song into an entrancing tune. They reflect on topics such as romance, grief, and growth against a background of drowned out guitar riffs. Lastly, there was never a point in which the track felt disjointed or out of sync; every component of the song, from the instrumentation to the arrangement to the lyrics, flows together in perfect harmony.