Oh, God! Am I listening to the new generation of progressive rock?! Yes, this is truly what I felt while checking Sam Fishman’s new album, End of Time. The idea is brilliant! It’s deliverance and implementation is beyond words!

The album takes you in a memorable journey by a stand-out collection of progressive rock intertwined with mythical storytelling of 15 track. While listening to it you will be find most of the tracks are storytelling about; “some heavy topics in this recording. – Accepting dicult feelings. – Finding inner peace and strength – Mass incarceration/wrongful imprisonment – Texting while driving (music video is on youtube. This could be an interesting and impactful way to market/make a difference for the better).” – Sam explained.


Literary, there’s no single track that I didn’t like. All of them are simply great! The music elements are perfectly chosen and melodies are in great shape. I love the riffs and the soloing style. “If you are texting while driving, you might as well be pulling the trigger of a gun. Does intention matter?” This is the main concept of the marvelous track The End of Time. The music video delivered the message pretty well. Samantha’s powerful voice took the whole track to a new level of perfection.

It’s been a while since you listen to clear instruments in a record these days, and Sam wasn’t only influenced by that, but implemented it perfectly as well. “The first album I ever heard was Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. This opened my mind to the possibilities of sound and has always inspired me. – As the years have gone by, I’ve felt disappointed with the output of modern rock. I believe that you can be accessible and still maintain a level of experimentation. Let’s not be afraid to challenge listeners and take them on a ride! Let’s throw some twists and turns into rock and roll.” – Sam Fishman

End of Time is one of my favorite album this year indeed.