I never imagined I would have the opportunity to listen to one of my favourite bands again, especially since I last heard their music back in 2005/2006. Breed 77, an English Flamenco Metal band, has just launched their latest album “End Of The Line” and revealed their upcoming UK tour dates for May 2024.

‘End Of The Line’ is a powerful metal track and while you’re watching the video you will simply keep your head banging non-stop. The melody of the track is built on a harmonic scale which is easily stuck into your ears. I believe this melody was the main structure that the whole song was built based on. The tightness of the drums and bass gave the song core a strength that I could not find in any other metal track recently. 

Flamenco music originates from Spain, blending oriental and Western influences. While many are aware of its Spanish roots, not everyone realizes the fusion of Eastern and Western elements within it. An excellent illustration of this fusion is how the Mediterranean Sea connects both Western and Eastern nations. Flamenco music beautifully encapsulates this harmonious blend. While listening to popular flamenco or Spanish music, you may notice a fusion of two distinct worlds coming together. Similar to Breed 77, who added a Spanish guitar melody at the end of the track, it serves as a concluding touch for the listener to grasp the concept. It’s truly clever and impressive.

In 2004, the band achieved success with the album ‘Cultura’, leading to global chart hits and performances at Download Festival. They toured worldwide, released 5 acclaimed albums, then went on hiatus in 2015. Now they are presenting a masterpiece to their fans and even to the whole world, as the lyrical theme is very nice and important in our modern fast daily life; “It’s not all doom and gloom; there’s a defiance to the song – it’s a desperate warning, a rallying call, and even though the world may be in a terrible state beyond repair and we could be at the End of the Line – when all is said and done, we will pick up the pieces, we will re-build…. we have to…” – Breed 77. 

I am ecstatic that one of my beloved bands has returned with a legendary hit. Breed 77, in my opinion, stands as one of the greatest Flamenco metal bands ever. Take a look at ‘End Of The Line’ below and decide for yourself. Cheers!