Popular German doom/folk metal band Empyrium released a new single last week. It is entitled “Über Den Sternen.” Through this article, I will take your soul to the heart of Empyrium’s song.

This song marks the return of the old Empyrium style which characterized by long tracks, progressive mood, and heavy doom/folk tunes.

The track starts with a very heavy intro with catchy guitar tunes enhanced with orchestral and atmospheric sounds. The intro recalls the unforgettable “Lover’s Grief” and “The Blue Mist of Night.”

The acoustic part in the middle can be related to “Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays.” Moreover, at 5:45, there is a tragic emotional part, it is so close to the funeral style. This part becomes more catchy after adding beautiful guitar tunes that enhance the folk style that Empyrium used to present in its last 3 albums.

This part is like recalling the Bavarian epic sounds into the music, the scent of the green landscapes, and the whiteness of the frozen peaks of mountains.

The shift between the heavy doom metal parts and the folk acoustic movements engage the listener to a new style of Empyrium’s music.

Empyrium used its popularity and good memories the band left in its listeners’ minds to present a more improved style and fresh sound after long years of absence.