Creating musical potions through mixing alt-rock with Himalayan folk and the music of North East India is what artist Takar Nabam does stunningly…his latest single “Empty Whiskey Bottle” is out now and is not to be missed.

Putting something from many musical genres, Takar creates a unique musical experience…and we’re absolutely loving it…but we need more, that’s why the repeat button is there for, till we get more music from the amazing artist.

“Empty Whiskey Bottle” is the kind of song that instantly captures your ear, the mellow beat, slide guitars, Takar’s smooth vocals, refreshing synth sounds…and let’s not forget about the musical composition itself, which is absolutely brilliant.

The music for “Empty Whiskey Bottle” is a monster-mash of 70s, rock, pop and folk…mixed together to create a mellow musical experience…

…you know what, it kind of reminds me of The Beegees a little…Takar really achieved something that doesn’t come by easily these days, that is he created a really excellently engaging melody, beautiful composition and instrumentation, a stunning guitar solo that both feels and sounds amazing then putting the secret sauce of his voice and lyrics in this mix, creating an instant hit of a song.

Takar, we wish you all the best…but we need more…more songs…we’ll be on the lookout.