Something everyone in the world can relate to…is the 2 years we lost during the lockdown…we keep thinking we’re 2 years earlier…don’t you do it?

Newcastle, England based band Crux decided to materialize their emotions and convey them to the world through their latest single “Empty Home”…a very aptly titled song, because for me, the world felt like it was empty…maybe that’s how I feel it at least.

…and with their distinct alt rock approach, Crux managed to put us in that place of mind with their music and lyrics…especially the lyrics here, they kind of literally puts us exactly where Crux wants us to be…with lines like “This house was once full of life and now it’s void, Time has stopped as the structure slowly sinks”.


The song has a general melancholic feel to it…with some emotional parts and other heavier parts…but even the vocals convey the melancholic emotion…

Clean and soft guitars play rhythmically…drums are not overpowered and also melodic…

Soft synths play in the background…

Even the music itself is soft and emotional on both the ears and heart.

…there are some heavy moments here and there that have been masterfully crafted for storytelling reasons…the track ascends in energy to a climax…then leaves us vulnerable once again at the very end of “Empty Home”…and the soft guitars say goodbye.

“Empty Home” is an emotional and heartfelt journey into a period of time that affected the whole human race. It is a highly recommended listen and a fantastic musical and lyrical experience.

“Empty Home” was recorded at Blank Studios and produced by Sam Grant from Pigs x7.

We wish Crux all the best in the world…and can’t wait to experience what they come up with next.


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