‘Empty Bottles’ is the surprising and refreshing result of a seeming marriage between blues and 80s synthpop. Mad Painter’s latest single is an exciting and passionate one that rocks and emotes with equal fluency.

Mad Painter, a 6-piece band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, fronted by Alex Gitlin’s charismatic and present delivery that channels some of rock and roll’s finest voices, are back with a brand new single from their 3rd studio album. ‘Empty Bottles’ starts and ends with a jubilant synth riff that is an homage to synthpop icons Giorgio Moroder and Frank Farian, but this affiliation soon dissipates, in favor of anthemic blues grooves.

‘Empty Bottles’ is Mad Painter’s take on the isolation of the pandemic lockdowns, when people were scared of everything, including each other. The song offers a musically upbeat take on this dark time in our recent history with a classic rock band arrangement composed of overdriven rhythm guitars, keyboards, a dynamic bass and drums groove, and Gitlin’s present and strong delivery that’s loaded with feel and optimism.

Mad Painter’s ‘Empty Bottles’ is a lush glam anthem that offers a fresh take on a very dark time in our memories. A time of fear, isolation, and loss, being treated with this amount of glee and musical hope, is a truly heartwarming thing to behold.