Canadian rockers New Jacobin Club are back with their big sounds, mesmerizing theatricals, and relentless riffing on their new concept album “Empire of Dis” which was out November 4th, 2022. The five-piece brings their classic gothic influences to the table offering a post-apocalyptic story that they described as 

“A concept album set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that has some rather sober and familiar themes, feeling very Western Canadian both geographically and historically”


So let me tell you what it sounds like,

New Jacobin Club kickstarts “Empire of Dis” so hard and heavy with the energetic “In Crimson Snow”, announcing that we’re about to get on a rocking ride. Its fast riffs, pounding drums, powerful vocal melodies, heavy bass, and killer guitar work were all skillfully arranged in a heavy entertaining structure that made me super excited to dig deeper into the record. “The Priestess” picks up its predecessor’s energy and relentlessly builds upon it creating an even bigger sound that hyped the record’s dynamics. “The Hunter” comes next with classic heavy metal moments and grooving dynamics. The drumming and highly melodic keys are pretty exceptional on this one alongside its sharp riffs and raw powerful vocals. Reaching “Behind the Veil” felt like New Jacobin Club exploded throwing heavy rollercoaster riffs, sharp expressive vocals, and guitar licks everywhere in a super entertaining fast mix that sent me off my chair headbanging, loved its well-crafted dynamics with down parts that perfectly builds up to heavy hooking bangers. “Lord Henry Steps Out” comes in giving us the chance to catch our breath after all the headbanging before we’re introduced to “Gloriana Engine” with its slow, filled-with-anticipation intro. “Gloriana Engine” has a massive power metal sound with some early NWOBHM influences within its flow and melodies, and big singalong sections that’ll drive the audience crazy when played live. New Jacobin Club proves they can do more than heavy riffing and big sound in “What is the Night”, they used acoustic guitars, heavy emotional cellos, and warm vocals to lead the song’s upward progression taking all the time needed before smoothly bringing the heavy guns in, keeping up with the same mood and vibes but reaching heavier levels that made it more sincerely emotional. “Slenderman” created a big theatrical entrance that worked as a big introduction to the title track “Empire of Dis” that comes next. “Empire of Dis” mashes up all of New Jacobin Club’s cool traits from big theatricals to catchy expressive vocals, heavy riffing, and hooks all in a catchy dynamic unpredictable structure ending in a big sound worthy of such a record. Ending the record on a high note comes “Blue Serpents”, another pure classic heavy metal tune showing their solid rocking roots and melodic touch with a fast straight-to-point delivery. 

“Empire of Dis” is a catchy enjoyable sound journey with theatricals, hooks, heavy riffing, expressive vocal melodies, and a perfect groove. It has well-crafted and carefully steered dynamics that keeps its energy consistent without overdoing or over-complicating things. Totally recommended to all heavy music fans and made me wanna dig more into New Jacobin Club’s catalog, looking forward to more guys, cheers!

To listen to ‘Empire of Dis‘ click here.


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